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In December 2010, a group of concerned professionals and citizens in Goodhue County formed the Elder Justice Network for the protection of our elders.

We are committed to informing the public about elder abuse, speaking up for those who need assistance, and providing victims with resources that can assist them with recovery and future protection.


Forms of Abuse:

  • Physical

     Physical force to coerce or inflict bodily harm, discomfort, pain, or injury

  • Emotional/ Psychological

      Harrassment, insults, intimidation, or threats

  • Sexual

      Sexual behavior directed toward an elder without full knowledge or consent

  • Neglect

      Failure to provide food, medicine, or care

  • Financial Exploitation

      Using the economic resources of an elder- including money, property or benefits such as Medicare or Social Security- for ones own benefit

  • Scams

      Fradulent telephone calls, lotteries and sweepstakes where money is asked to be paid up front

More Information:

If you look at the photos section of this website, there are brochures and handouts that are available to print.

You can also go to the contact us and the information can also be emailed.

Please contact if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about what you can do to prevent elder abuse.


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